Are you planning to visit Rome? Join Italian wine festivals and traditional food fairs


Are you planning to visit Rome? Let’s join Italy wine festivals and traditional food fairs to experience the Eternal City like a local! Yes, we love drinking good wines and eating traditional. So, if you want to have amazing wine tastings and food experiences you are in the right place. Because here you find a calendar of wine tasting in Rome in 2024! I love to taking part in these events, which are suitable for enthusiast and curious. Maybe we’ll meet in one of the next ones!

Rome Wine Tasting June 2024

6-9 June 2024 – Beer Park Festival – Aniene Nature Reserve, entry via Nomentana

The 9th edition of the Beer Park Festival will take place from Thursday to Sunday. You will find 20 breweries from all over Italy and many gastronomic stands that will animate the wonderful Natural Reserve of the Aniene Valley. Four days that will unite artisan beer, street food and music. Also suitable for families and children, and to those who want to bring their pet with them. Admission is free. Conduitions are paid.

7-8 giugno 2024 – Wine Nights – Eataly, Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492

Eataly Roma Ostiense organizes several food and wine festivals in the capital every year. In June it offers us Wine Nights in which everyone can participate: curious, enthusiasts, experts and wine lovers. Two days of celebration dedicated to Italian wines from 20 wineries, to be combined with the gastronomic delicacies of Eataly in a pleasant atmosphere enlivened by good music. Tickets: 25 euros with tasting of all the labels.

14-16 June 2024, Rome – Roma Hortus Vini – Trastevere (a not to be missed district in Rome)

Roma Hortus Vini 2024 is a renowned wine festival suitable for all ages with unlimited tasting of wines from native Italian vines under the moonlight in the enchanting setting of the Botanical Garden in the heart of Trastevere. Trastevere is one of the most beloved district in Rome by the tourist with a huge numbers of traditional trattorie (typical restaurants). Discounted ticket: 25 euro. Free entrance under 11 years old.

14-16 June 2024 – Wine Park Festival – Aniene Nature Reserve, entrance via Nomentana

From Friday to Sunday Wine Park Festival 2024 will take place. What you will find in this third edition of the Wine Festival: 12 winery from all over Rome and many gastronomic realities that will animate the wonderful nature reserve of the Aniene Valley. Three days that will unite natural wines, street food and music. Also perfect for families and children, and to those who want to bring their pet with them. Admission is free.

17-23 June 2024 – Vinofòrum Lo Spazio del Gusto – Circus Maximus of Rome

Vinoforum 2024 is one of the most important event in Summer. It is a walk around tasting with more than 800 wineries with 2500 labels to choose from. The event is not only about good wines, but even about good Italian food: 30 chefs starring in the Temporary Restaurants and Night Dinners, and then Pizza d’Autore, Mixology, Evo Oil and much more.

19 June 2024 – Abbey of San Nilo: Millennial Experience – Museum of the Greek Abbey of San Nilo, Corso del Popolo 128, Grottaferrata

Enocultural event organized by the Vignaioli in Grottaferrata association which combines a guided tour of some places in the Abbey exceptionally open to the public with guided wine and oil tastings with gastronomic accompaniment. The tasting of five labels – with the preview of the “Crypta” wine – produced by the cellars that make up the “Winemakers in Grottaferrata” association will be preceded by the speech of Maestro Peppe Vessicchio on the theme “Byzantine Melurgia”. Contribution: 50 euros.

29-30 June 2024 – Un Mare DiVino – Ostia, Piazza Anco Marzio

Un Mare diVino 2024 (a pun for Divine Sea and Sea of Wine) is the wine festival that takes place on the Roman coast and officially opens the summer season in Ostia. Now in its sixth edition, this year it takes on a national character by welcoming white, rosé and sparkling wines from all over Italy. The festival is also perfect for those looking for food and wine events in Lazio. In fact, at the event there will also be tastings of gastronomic excellences and important “starred” chefs at cooking shows open to the public.

July 2024

19 July 2024 – Abbey of San Nilo: Millennial Experience – Museum of the Greek Abbey of San Nilo, Corso del Popolo 128, Grottaferrata

Wine and cultural event organized by the Vignaioli in Grottaferrata association which combines a guided tour of some places in the Abbey exceptionally open to the public with guided wine and oil tastings with gastronomic accompaniment. The tasting of five labels – with the preview of the “Crypta” wine – produced by the cellars that make up the “Winemakers in Grottaferrata” association will be preceded by the speech of Dominga Cotarella, a famous figure in the world of Italian wine, on the theme ” Wine as a cultural vehicle”. Contribution: 50 euros.

27 July – 25 August 2024 – Calici di Stelle (Goblets of stars) – all of Italy

Calici di Stelle 2024 will be an opportunity to walk among the rows in the moonlight and to experience the villages and squares with the starry sky as a backdrop, always in the company of a good glass of wine.

September 2024

14-15 September 2024, Rome – Vendemmiata Romana – Trastevere (a not to be missed district in Rome)

The Botanical Garden Museum of Rome will be the location of Vendemmiata Romana (Roman harvest): two days of fun and conviviality. You will find wine tastings, themed workshops, treasure hunts for adults and children, guided tours, seminars, open-air toasts and tasty street food. Trastevere is one of the most beloved district in Rome by the tourist with a huge numbers of traditional trattorie (typical restaurants).

November 2024

3-11 November 2024 – Cantine Aperte a San Martino (Open Cellars in San Martino) – all of Italy

The dates of Cantine Aperte in San Martino 2024 have been announced. The appointment is from 3 to 11 November in the wineries participating in the Wine Tourism Movement which have decided to open the doors of the places where wine is born and to organize musical, artistic and gastronomic events for the happiness of wine tourists, but also of the curious and families. November 11th is a very special day for Italians because we celebrate San Martino, the patron saint of wine and protector of winemakers. The festival is closely linked to the peasant world and this day is symbolically circled in red to mark the end of the harvest cycle in the fields. An ancient motto links the “birth” of wine to this saint and this time of year: “At San Martino every must becomes wine”.

9-10 November 2024 – VAN Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali – Rome

VAN Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali is a wine fair to taste and discover natural wines. Open to enthusiasts.


Confirmed in February 2025 – The Best Italian Wines – Salone delle Fontane (Eur district)

The Best Italian Wines 2025 is the event signed by Luca Maroni, the sensory analyst who has tasted hundreds of thousands of wines in his career. You will find free and unlimited tastings of the best Italian wine production. Workshops, meetings and presentations.

MARCH 2025

9-10 March 2025 – Vini Selvaggi (Wild Wines) – Rome

Vini Selvaggi (Wild Wines) 2025 is an opportunity to participate in a wine tasting that fall into the defined vein of natural wines (read here what they are). All are the welcome: tourists, curious, wine enthusiasts, those who want to spend a different evening and discover new realities, sector operators and journalists.

Events, fairs and wine festivals in 2023 that have not yet announced their 2024 dates

September 2023

  • 3 september 2023, Nettuno (near Rome) – Nettuno Wine Festival walk around tasting of many wines made from native vines that you find only here (and no wherelse in the world) walking the street of the historic center. You will have the chance to discover Cacchione vines, the ancient vine that Pliny already wrote about, and the traditional food.
  • 21 september 2023, Rome – Buono… non lo conoscevo the traditional Go Wine event entirely dedicated to wines made from native Italian vines. Ticket is 20 euros and you can taste as much wines as you want. Just to compare them and understand the differences.

Ottobre 2023

  • 8 october 2023, Rome – Guida Essenziale ai Vini d’Italia walk around tasting with one ticket that will give the public the opportunity to taste the greatest wines from all over Italy (30 euros).
  • 13-15 october 2023, Rome – Villaggio Coldiretti multi-event for all ages. For three days one of the most popular tourist destination in Rome: Circus Maximus will host the largest zero-kilometre market ever created in Italy. What you will find: farmer’s market, street food, fixed menu for €8 prepared by farmer cooker, animal farm and pet therapy, Italian extra virgin olive oil school, wine and beer tasting, agricosmetics lessons, entertainment shows with concerts and performances.
  • 3-15 october 2023, Rome – Choco Italia is the artisan chocolate fair on tour. Two events in Rome: 13-15 October in Piazza Bainsizza, in the Prati district and 16-19 November in Testaccio. Open continuously from 10am to midnight, it has free admission. The first European artisanal chocolate factory of master chocolatiers from Perugia will be present, which will illustrate all the processing phases that lead from the cocoa bean to the creation of bars and other classic formats. The other stops from 19 to 22 October: Matera, from 3 to 5 November: Caserta, from 10 to 12 November: Benevento.
  • 15 october 2023, Rome – Tre Bicchieri 2024 wine tasting event is the largest wine tasting in Italy organized by the famous food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso. You can discover a selection of the best Italian wine with the Tre Bicchieri by the Vini d’Italia 2024 guide.
  • 19 october 2023, Rome – Tutti i Colori del Bianco is a walk around tasting of only white Italian wines produced by over 40 wineries that will range from the Alps to Sicily, involving prestigious names in Italian oenology like Marisa Cuomo and Cavalier Pepe. GoWine organization. Location Savoy Hotel – Via Ludovisi, 15. Barberini next to Barbarini subway station. Ticket € 20.
  • 20-22 ottobre 2023, Roma – Vigna Ada tasting dedicated exclusively to the natural wines of 15 producers. There will be even food to match, extravirgin olive oil space and music. The location is Forte Antenne inside one of the most important public green area in Rome (Villa Ada), a place that a suggest to visit. Natural wine is ancient, and the latest trend. In its purest form, it is wine made from unadulterated fermented grape juice and nothing else (read more). Ticket from 12 euros including glass and two tasting tokens.
  • 20-22 october 2023, Rome – La Città della Pizza (literally The city of Pizza) is a big event dedicated only to pizza that brings together the best pizza chefs of all Italy (50) to offer the great classics of Italian pizza and gourmet creations to the public of enthusiasts. The meeting point is near the Arco di Travertino subway station. The program is suitable: over 50 types of pizzas to choose from (even gluten-free), courses, workshops (even for the little ones) and special events. Free entry, free workshops, you have the chance to taste so many Italian pizza styles such as Neapolitan, Roman, al taglio, fried ​​and gluten-free. And so many tastes like margherita, marinara and many many more.
  • 21 october 2023, Rome – Vinix from 11am to 8pm, you can taste the wines of 11 Italian producers, just there to talk to you about their wines. They are selected from the Vinix Social Commerce platform. The location is the Monk Cultural Center. Ticket to taste all the wines 15 euros. Four courses dinner (with tiramisù desert) 35 euros with paired wines (included) and in company of the producers.
  • 27 october 2023, Rome – Imprinting, Arte & Wine is the art-tasting exhibition in which 10 works by the artist David Phoenix (on display at the Moma in New York) will be exhibited and each work will be associated with a particular French and Italian wine. Finger foods included from the chef of the historical Villa Spalletti Trivelli. Cost €60.
  • 27-28 october 2023, Rome – Eataly Wine Festival given the success of previous years, the festival will be transformed into a major event spread over 12,000 m2 of spaces where Eataly dedicates itself daily to good Italian food, catering, the purchase of products and cooking courses. Enthusiasts will be able to meet more than 50 producers, learn about and taste up to 150 wine labels to pair with Eataly’s gastronomic offerings. Unlimited tasting ticket €20.

November 2023

  • 4-5 November 2023, Rome – Food Stock is the street food festival with 160 regional, foreign and vegan culinary proposals. A weekend of gastronomic discoveries, concerts, street artists, kids area and hippie market inside the Appia Joy Park, in via Annia Regilla. Free entry.
  • 4-6 november 2023, Rome – VAN to Rome is the fair of Natural Artisan Winemakers in Testaccio district. There will be over 30 participating winemakers with more than 200 wines. For this edition the gastronomic offer is entrusted to the experience of the Testaccio Gastronomic Collective. Ticket €25.
  • 4-12 november 2023, all Italy – Cantine Aperte a San Martino a nine-day long festival to celebrate the end of the harvest and lay the foundations for the new wine year. On the programme, lunches, dinners and picnics among the rows, walks in the vineyard, visits to the cellar, guided tastings, aperitifs at sunset, art exhibitions and much more.
  • 16-19 november 2023, Rome – Choco Italia is the artisan chocolate fair on tour. Two events in Rome: 13-15 October in Piazza Bainsizza, in the Prati district and 16-19 November in Testaccio. Open continuously from 10am to midnight, it has free admission.
  • 19 november 2023, Rome – Vini per tutte le tasche (Wines for all budgets) is the event that combines the presentation of the DoctorWine 2024 guide with the tasting of a selection of the best Italian wines available with a price in the wine shop between 6 and 15 euros. Ticket 15€ including admission, unlimited tastings and a copy of the guide.
  • 23-25 november 2023, Rome – Excellence great event dedicated to food and wine. Here are the numbers from past editions: 80 chefs, 100 Made in Italy producers, 30 conferences, seminars and talk shows, 2 cooking show areas and 4 starred temporary restaurants.
  • 25-26 november 2023, Rome – Roma Dolce Fest  it is the first Capitoline event dedicated to the world of pastry making, in all its expression. From Chocolate to Ice Cream from Cake Design to Biscuits. What you can do: taste the specialties of the best Italian pastry shops, make direct purchases, participate in thematic workshops and entertain your children with the workshops dedicated to the little ones.
  • 26 novembre 2023, Rome – Bere Bene (that means Drinking Good Wines) is the wine tasting dedicated to the labels awarded by Gambero Rosso’s Bere Bene guide which reviews wines under 20 euros in wine shops and large-scale retail trade. Location is Palazzo Brancaccio, one of the most beautifull hystorical building 10 minutes walk from Colosseum. Full ticket €25.
  • 26-27 november 2023, Rome – Bibo Frizzante – La fiera potabile is the artisanal wine fair (part of the moviment of natural wines) that does not want to be a simple traditional fair, but rather a real party where you can have direct contact 40 interesting wineries from all over Europe, taste a lot of different wines, listen to music (DJ set) and much more.

December 2023

1 december 2023, Rome – Degustazioni Vini premiati al Mondial des Vins Extremes 2023 (Tastings Award-winning wines at the Mondial des Vins Extremes 2023) the event is an opportunity to taste over 250 heroic wines proposed by Cervim (International Center for Research, Studies and Enhancement for Mountain Viticulture), in collaboration with Go Wine.

2 dicembre 2023, Rome – Sparkle Day is the great wine tasting of the best Italian sparkling wines selected by Cucina & Vini magazine.

2-3 december 2023, Rome – Uva Fiera, beviamola in purezza it is a fair of wines obtained from single grape varieties. They use the walk around tasting formula to present producers and sell their labels to an audience of enthusiasts and operators (you buy only if you like). 

2-3 december 2023, Rome – Vinàmico is the artisanal wine festival (part of the moviment of natural wines). What’s there: wine tastings of more than 40 wineries, meetings, debates, talks and music.  Ticket €13.

3 december 2023, Rome – Life of Wine walk around tasting of wines from all over Italy. You can taste the latest vintage and at least two old vintages of representative labels of the wineries.

8 December 2023, Domus Magnanimi, Appia Antica near the tomb of Cecilia Metella – Bollicine is the walk around tasting organized by Decanter Academy with over 20 wineries to choose from. Furthermore, tastings of Christmas artisan products and more. It starts with the Cantiani panettone, the Marina cultivar oil, artisanal liquorice, handmade panettone-shaped cheeses and nougat, ending with the ancient Florentine chocolate. Many ideas for your Christmas gifts too. There will be a masterclass dedicated to the native vines of Lazio and sparkling wine production. Free entry with reservation.

15-17 December 2023, Mediterraneum, the new aquarium in Rome, in the Eur district – Different Wine is the festival dedicated to enthusiasts, operators and press. What you find: more than 80 independent wineries not present in large-scale retail trade and Italian agri-food companies. More than 250 varieties of Italian native vines. Unlimited tastings €15.

16 December 2023, Rome – Territori diVini walk around tasting for charity in the Catacombs of San Callisto. You can taste Palestinian wines from the Salesian winery of Cremisan and prestigious Italian wineries who donated their labels to charity for this event. Ticket 15 euros.

17 December 2023 – Verso Enotica 2024 – Forte Prenestino

Verso Enotica 2024 is the end-of-year event that launches the 12th edition of Enotica, wine and food festival about sustainable wine and food. Verso Enotica gives you the chance to taste wines from 12 wineries.

18 dicembre 2023 – Top Italian Food 2024 Gambero Rosso – Palazzo Brancaccio

An afternoon not to be missed for all fans of real, savory and sweet flavours. From mozzarella to pandoro, from pesto to panettone, from ham to gazzosa: an incredible array of products selected and signed by some of the most interesting artisan and industrial companies in Italy. All to taste.

Already done


13-14 January 2024 – Nebbiolo nel Cuore (Nebbiolo inside the heart) – Grand Hotel Palatino (Rione Monti, next to Fori Imperiali)

Nebbiolo nel cuore 2024 is the walk around tasting dedicated exclusively to wines made with the Italian native grape named Nebbiolo. But first you need to know what Nebbiolo is. Nebbiolo is the name of one of the most important vine in Italy and it is the grape to produce the king of the red wines: Barolo. In this event you will have the change to taste the highest vinifications of Nebbiolo that takes the names: Barolo, Barbaresco, Carema, Gattinara, Ghemme. Ticket 27 euros.

21-22 January 2024 – La Sardegna di Vinodabere (Sardinia wines selection by Vinodabere) – Hotel Belstay, Via Bogliasco, 27 (Aurelia)

La Sardegna di Vinodabere 2024 (Sardinia by Vinodabere) is the event with walk around tasting and masterclasses that promote the variety and winemaking complexity of Sardinia region. You can taste wines from Alghero, Gallura, Mamoiada, Mandrolisai, Ogliastra, Oliena, Orgosolo, Oristanese, Romangia, Sulcis and southern Sardinia. Ticket price 25 euros for enthusiasts, 20 euros for sommeliers and Onav tasters.

27-28 January 2024 – Vignaioli Naturali a Roma (Natural winemakers in Rome)The Westin Excelsior Rome (located in the famous Via Veneto)

Vignaioli Naturali a Roma has reached its 15° edition. It is a walk around tasting dedicated exclusively to natural wines. Natural wine is ancient, and the latest trend. In its purest form, it is wine made from unadulterated fermented grape juice and nothing else (read more). Ticket 25 euros.

Events postponed to a later date

8-10 March 2024 – VAN Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali – Rome

VAN Vignaioli Artigiani Naturali 2024 is a wine fair to taste and discover natural wines. Open to enthusiasts.


2-4 February 2024 – diVino – Villa Piccolomini, via Aurelia Antica, 164 (next to Villa Panphili)

DiVino (pun meaning for divine/diwine) will take place in the suggestive location of Villa Piccolomini, on the Aurelia Antica with a garden overlooking the Dome of St. Peter. The villa is equipped with a large internal car park, free for guests of the event. The winemakers themselves will offer their most representative labels for tasting, directly describing their wines. With a single 30 euro ticket you can freely choose from hundreds of wines from all over Italy (you have unlimited tastings), pairing them with cheeses and cured meats, traditional cacio e pepe pasta and pasta with fish sauce (all included in a single ticket).

3 February 2024 – Flavors of Lazio Festival – Salone delle Fontane, Via Ciro il Grande 10/12 (Eur district)

Every region in Italy has its own traditional food and wine. Sapori del Lazio Festival (Flavors of Lazio Festival) gives you the chance to taste and buy typical products that are outside of traditional distribution channels: such as Amatrice bacon, Ariccia porchetta and Pecorino Romano DOP cheese. The format of the first edition includes a day of tastings, introductory courses to Lazio wine, show cooking with exclusively regional products, talk shows and lots of conviviality.

8 February 2024 Wines from Italian Islands – Savoy Hotel, Via Ludovisi 15 (next to Piazza Barberini)

Vini delle Isole (wines from Italian islands) is the tasting event dedicated to wineries and wines from Sardinia and Sicily organized by GoWine.

15-18 February 2024 – I Migliori Vini ItalianiSalone delle Fontane, Via Ciro il Grande 10/12 (Eur district)

I Migliori Vini Italiani (best Italian wines) is the walk around tasting that focuses on the most important Italian wines from all Italian region. With only one ticket you will have the chance to taste undreds of Italian wines in a walk around tasting.

25-26 February 2024Vini da Terre Estreme – Grand Hotel Palatino, Via Cavour 213/m (next to Fori Imperiali)

In this event, called Vini da Terre Estreme (Wines from Extreme Lands) you can discover wines produced in so-called extreme areas: mountains, steep slopes, rocky terrain, terraces, steps, sand, small islands.

MARCH 2024

2-3 March 2024 – Formaticum – City of the Other Economy, Largo Dino Frisullo

It is a traditional food fair not to be missed, because it is about Italy rare cheeses (the ones you don’t find at supermarket).The Italian dairy heritage is very rich, the result of the work of artisans, such as farmers, cowherds, shepherds and cheesemakers who take care of every aspect of production. Starting from the lands that host them, to the feeding of the animals, up to the precious manual processing, the centuries-old fruit of those skills at risk of extinction. Ticket: 6 Euros (to be purchased directly at the fair).

2-4 March 2024 – Rome Wine Expo – Rome

Rome Wine Expo 2024 is the great walk around tasting with one ticket to discover all the most important Italian wines (ticket 25 euros).

5 March 2024 – Cantine d’Italia – Hotel Savoy (Via Ludovisi, 15 near Via Veneto metro line A Barberini station)

Go Wine presents the volume Cantine d’Italia 2024 – Guide for wine tourists in the city of Rome, with an evening of promotion and tasting. Click on the link to find out about the wineries present at the walk around tasting. Tickets for the public €20 (unlimited wine tastings).

8-10 March 2024 – Choco Italia – Rome

Choco Italia is the artisan chocolate and Italian sweets fair.

8-10 March 2024 – Italy Beer Week – Central Market, Termini Station

It is the event that inaugurates Italy Beer Week (throughout Italy) which will take place in one the most iconic street food market of Rome inside Termini Station mall. Some Italian breweries will be present with their respective stands and each of them, in addition to a selection of beers on tap, will offer a new creation. There you find so many street food options by Central Market. Ticket €15 including: 1 glass, 1 glass bag and 3 tokens (1 token = 1 beer tasting).

10-11 March 2024Vini Selvaggi (Wild wines) – Spazio Novecento (EUR)

Wild Wines is the independent fair of natural wines that allows you to taste over 1000 wines from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany and Poland. Tickets: 25 euros. Reduced operators 15 euros.

15-17 March 2024 – Enotica – Forte Prenestino (Centocelle district)

Enotica 2024 is a festival that combines tastings of organic and biodynamic wine, food prepared with non-GMO raw ingredients, all enriched by music and artistic performances.

16 March 2024 – Rosa Rosati Rosé – Domus Magnanimi, Via Appia Antica 176 (near the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella)

At Domus Magnanimi will host an in-depth day dedicated exclusively to pink wine with over 150 labels from all over Italy and masterclasses on native grapes.

17 March 2024 – Io Vino – The Carpegna Palace Hotel, Via Aurelia 481

Io Vino 2024 is the event dedicated to wines from native vines of Marche and Campania. The format includes both walk aroung tastings and masterclasses on the Camaiola and Vernaccia varieties. The masterclasses are led by experts such as Alessandro Marra, editor of the Slow Wine Guide for Campania and Basilicata and Francesco Quercetti, food and wine critic and freelance editor, former editor of the Slow Wine guide for the Marche. The location is located a 5-minute walk from the Cornelia line A metro stop and has a large internal car park for those who prefer to travel by car.

Wine Tasting Rome April 2024

6 April 2024 – Viticoltori Montespertoli – Mercato Centrale, Termini Station

Viticoltori Montespertoli is the wine tasting that gives you the opportunity to get to know the territory of Montespertoli in Tuscany through its wines. The municipal territory is entirely part of the Chianti area and is home to two main sub-zones: Chianti Colli Fiorentini DOCG and Chianti Montespertoli DOCG. IGT wines are also produced, Vinsanto del Chianti DOCG and Vinsanto del Chianti Montespertoli DOCG. The wine tasting is free of charge and reservations are required. For info and reservations:

12-14 April 2024 – Franken Bier Fest – Limonaia di Villa Torlonia

Franken Bier Fest 2024 is the festival dedicated to the traditional beers of Franconia, a region in the north of Bavaria where some families have been brewing beers with a unique taste for generations, organized by the historic Trastevere pub Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fa and Publigiovane Eventi. The best Kellerbier, the famous smoked Rauchbier from the Bamberg area, Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Bockbier and all the best that fantastic region has to offer. Free admission, tastings using tokens.

Rome Wine Tasting May 2024

9-11 May 2024 – Vino X Roma – Monumental complex of San Salvatore in Lauro

Vino X Roma 2024 (literally Wine for Rome) is the wine and food festival in its fourth edition dedicated to Italian food and wine culture. The trade fair-congress format is confirmed which will see the participation of a selection of 30 exhibitors from wineries, spirits and the food sector, 25 of which from the Lazio region. Tickets: 20 euros.

11 May 2024 – Viniamo – Hotel Cristoforo Colombo, Via Cristoforo Colombo 710

Viniamo 2024 is the event dedicated to Italian, French and Albanian wines with a program that is divided into tasting tables of over 250 labels, masterclasses and seminars. Organized by Minelli Wine Events. Full ticket 25 euros. Reduced for sommeliers, students and groups 20 euros.

11-12 May 2024 – Pigneto Wine District – Pigneto district (well connected by buses and metro line C Pigneto Station)

The Quartiere Vino Pigneto 2024 event (Pigneto Wine District) is a widespread wine tasting in Rome, a themed film festival and a natural wine fair (click and read what natural wines are). Pigneto is a vibrant neighbourhood in Rome, located to the east of the city centre. It is known for its cultural diversity, street art, culinary scene, and a thriving artistic community. Pigneto wine district is an opportunity to visit the neighborhood in a moment of celebration dedicated to food and wine. There will be more than 400 natural wines for tasting from Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia and food proposals to savor during the event. Tickets 15 euros.

15 May 2024 – Abbey of San Nilo: Millennial Experience – Museum of the Greek Abbey of San Nilo, Corso del Popolo 128, Grottaferrata

Enocultural event organized by the Vignaioli association in Grottaferrata. The program includes a guided tour of the historic cellar of the abbey, the monastery and the library. Exceptional opening of places in the abbey that were previously inaccessible to the public. Before the wine tasting there will be a speech by Prof. Nigel Tapper (Monash University, Melbourne), Nobel Peace Prize winner, on the topic “Viticulture and climate change”. Tasting of five labels – with a preview of the “Crypta” wine – produced by the cellars that make up the “Winemakers in Grottaferrata” association which will take place in enchanting Panoramic Pergola. Tasting of three labels of extra virgin olive oil matched with a small gastronomic accompaniment. Contribution: 50 euros.

16 May 2024 – Barolo Barbaresco & Roero – Hotel Savoy, near Via Veneto

Thematic tasting on the new vintages (and not only) of Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero organized by Go Wine. The intent is to offer a walk around tasting that communicates the peculiarities of one of the most important Italian vines, in the different denominations and territories on the hills around Alba and with some excursions in Piedmont. Open to enthusiasts, operators and sommeliers. The cost of the tasting for the public is € 20 (€ 13 Go Wine Members, € 16 Members of sector associations).

18 May 2024 – Vini per l’Estate di DoctorWine (Wines for Summer selected by the famous DoctorWine) – Trimani Wine Bar (next the Baths of Diocletian Museum)

Wines for the Summer by DoctorWine is the wine tasting that combines the presentation of the guide in Milan, Genoa, Rome and Riccione with the walk around tasting with wines perfect for the warm season, summer toasts and pairings with the lightest and freshest cuisine. The tasting is open to enthusiasts, operators and journalists. Tickets: 15 euros including guide (while supplies last).

19 May 2024 – Vino e Arte che passione (Wine and Art what a passion)

Wine and Art Che Passion 2024 is the event that combines artistic visits to one of the oldest private baroque residences located in the heart of the capital with tasting tables of selected wines.

19 May 2024 – Amarone in Capitale – Hotel Hassler in Trinità dei Monti (Spanish Steps)

Amarone in Capital 2024 is the third edition of the glamorous event of the Valpolicella Wine Consortium. The program opens on Sunday 19 May with a walk around tasting of Amarone and Valpolicella Superiore (non-stop from 10.00 to 21.00) for operators and the public at the starred Imàgo restaurant at Hassler. While at 11.00 and 14.00 two guided tastings will take place: “Valpolicella DOC Superiore: the stylistic avant-garde” (Sala Specchi at 11.00) and “Amarone and Recioto della Valpolicella DOCG: the cultural value at the root of the technique” (Sala Specchi, 2.00 pm), both hosted by the journalist Alessandro Brizi. Also confirmed is the musical aperitif at sunset based on ‘fresh’ Valpolicella on the suggestive Penthouse Suite panoramic terrace on the 7th floor, open all day.

25 May, 2024 – Berebianco – The Westin Excelsior hotel in via Veneto 125

If you like great Italian white wines for aging, don’t miss this tasting in Rome. Bere bianco 2024 will allow you to create your own personalized experience because you can choose from over 150 labels for tasting with a single entrance ticket of 20 euros. There you can buy also fish dishes to pair with your favorite wines. After the event you can enjoy a relaxing walk in the center of Rome, as it is located on Via Veneto. Everyone can participate, even those who are not experts. Particularly interesting for tourists visiting Rome who want an alternative to an aperitif.

25-26 May 2024 – Cantine Aperte (Open Cellars) – throughout Italy

Many events in the hundreds of participating wineries throughout Italy. You find wine tastings inside the cellar and in the vineyard but even concerts, photographic exhibitions, wine trekking, cooking lessons and street food.

26-27 May 2024 – Terraviva – Casali di Capobianco, via Nomentana 1451

Terraviva 2024 is the wine tasting that takes place every two years organized by the homonymous representative agency specializing in food and wine products. The event is open to all. The formula is among the most interesting, with a ticket you have the opportunity to taste all the wines present, most of which are natural wines, and eat finger food freshly prepared by renowned chefs. Tickets: 25 euros.

27 May 2024 – Franciacorta Experience in collaboration with Gambero Rosso – Teatro Brancaccio rione Monti

The experience begins with a seminar at 18:00 in which there will be 4 wineries with their Franciacortas: Castelveder, Colline della Stella di Andrea Arici, Ferghettina and Mosnel. This will be followed by dinner by the resident chef of the Gambero Rosso Academy Marco Brioschi. There are two purchase options: seminar + dinner for 70 euros or dinner only for 60 euros. Palazzo Brancaccio is a historic Roman residence of great charm, with frescoed ceilings and baroque decorations.

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