See-do-drink: bathing in a canyon. A must try experience in Sicily

A natur park where you can take a bath in a canyon. It happens in Sicily, near Taormina, Italy. What to see: Alcantara River Park, near Taormina, is scattered with waterfalls and small lakes, the characteristic “Gurne”, and with the deep and charming gorges, known as “Gole dell’Alcantara“. What to do: take a bath in the river surronded by the canyon: the waters are very cold but is a must try experience. (Alcantara Map)

What to drink: the Etna DOC Controlled Designation of Origin refers to 5 types of still dry wines and 1 sparkling wine. The white wines are mainly made from Carricante and Catarratto varieties, the red and rosé wines are made from Nerello Mascalese e Nerello Cappuccio varieties.

Piano dei Daini, Etna, plants of Nerello Mascalese
Piano dei Daini, Etna, plants of Nerello Mascalese

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